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Electrical Work for New Construction in Vaughan, Richmond Hill (GTA)

If you are building a new office, home, factory, restaurant, or any other type of dwelling, SiteTech Electrical should be the electrical company that you call. We offer the best electrical services in the Richmond Hill metro area for new construction. Our electricians have quality experience paired with an unerring dedication to their work which places our services above other providers. If you are looking for a reliable electrical company to complete your new construction project on time and according to your budget, give us a call today.

New Construction Electrical Services

It can be stressful to build a commercial development or a new home from scratch as there is a number of things that could fail and not go according to the plan. When you hire SiteTech Electrical for your new construction electrical work, you are bringing quality standards and practical experience to your project. No matter what size of new construction project you have, we are more than qualified to see it through. Our electrical team will work with you through the whole process to ensure that when flipping the switch for the first time, everything works exactly as planned.

Residential New Construction Electrical Work

The homes of today require more complex wiring than the simple electrical panels of the past. Current innovations for custom homes allow electric systems to monitor themselves, upgrade their own components and even communicate with the homeowner wirelessly. In order for such fantastical features to operate properly, the electrical work needs to be completed flawlessly. The professionals on our team are licensed and have a proven track record of reliable residential electrical service. Along with our dedication to excellence, our team is able to think creatively to implement custom electrical solutions for your home. We can handle residential services such as;

  • Room lighting
  • Electrical panel installs
  • Security system wiring
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Hallway lighting
  • Smart home automation
  • Hobby Room & Garage lighting
  • Dimmer, switch and outlet install
  • And much more!

Although it is best to call us in from the beginning of your design process because then we are still able to work with completed blueprints or even homes that are already under construction.

Commercial New Construction Electrical Work

Commercial new construction electrical work is complex and needs not only an experienced hand but also a commercial certified electrician. Our certified specialist will work with you to create and implement a plan that puts your business in the best light. We stay up to date on the most advanced technologies to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition. Aside from new construction we also are able to help with commercial remodeling, upgrades, and expansions at an affordable price. For a business that is looking to keep its doors open to customers during renovations, our master electricians are well suited to being flexible.

Why Choose SiteTech Electrical?

Here at SiteTech Electrical, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time with new commercial and residential construction projects. We are dedicated to providing superior electrical services at an affordable price, without skipping the important details. Our electrical technicians are skilled, dependable, and experienced in working with a wide range of layouts and preferences. For the best electricians for your new building in the metro area, give us a call today.

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