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SiteTech Electrical is a family owned & operated electrical contractor based out of Vaughan, servicing the entire Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We are fully licensed and insured. We are highly rated and offer free consultations, so contact us today!

Licensed Electrician Team

From general electrical contracts to complex installations in Vaughan and nearby, our committed professional electricians on site, are prepared to execute any electrical contract; whether your jobs a big project or small; with high most standards on the field, and perfect quality craftsmanship.

Our company’s actions must conclude cooperation, respect and participation, toward corporate social responsibility in both community and environmental manner. Preceding this simple concept ensures customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and meets each community obligatory requirements.

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High Standards, Quality Results

Residential, Commercial, or Industrial, we provide electrical services of all kinds. In each project, we prioritize the same degree of professionalism, ingenuity and team work. We value our client relationship and support the longevity of our business collaboration by integrating communication technology, cost estimating, quality control and safety.

  • New Construction and Renovation
  • Installation of Power Distribution
  • Installation of Raceways
  • Power Cables Installation
  • Installation of Backup Generators with Ministry of Environment Approvals
  • Installation of Power Factor Correction Nits
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Electrical Shutdown Works
  • Installation of Network Cabling/Data/LAN Rooms

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Electrical Contractor Registration Agency

License No. 7013789

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We are fully licensed, bonded and insured ( 5,000,000 dollars liability Insurance)

Customized lighting solutions for residential and commercial
Our upgrades are performed with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

Security Systems

You can view events over a monitor in your home

Trouble Shooting

We think before we start working to save you money

Electrical Contractors located in Vaughan

We service the entire Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Contact our licensed technicians today for a free consultation.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Zhan Wang
Zhan Wang
April 16, 2023
They are very helpful even just over the phone.
H. H.
H. H.
April 4, 2023
Mohammed and his son came by today to install a new Nema 14-50 outlet for me to charge an EV. They were professional and polite. They took their time and figured out the best way to do the work. Mohammad also stands by his work! You can tell he takes great pride in his craft. I voiced my concern about a certain outlet, and he offered to come back and install the one I'm comfortable with. I would definitely recommend SiteTech Electrical for your electrical needs!
Robin Dowman
Robin Dowman
March 31, 2023
Mo was very professional and accommodating. I would definitely recommend for any electrical work.
Arun Bhatt
Arun Bhatt
March 29, 2023
Mohamed and his son are a great team. Very courteous. The came in for fixing some electrical outlets at my residence that were not working. It was all done quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them any time. Keep up good work.
David Khuu
David Khuu
March 17, 2023
John Gionnas
John Gionnas
March 3, 2023
Excellent and professional service in all areas. I would highly recommend and definitely use again. Standouts!!
Catalin Bunea
Catalin Bunea
January 19, 2023
Great service, clean respectful and quick, good family business. Will call again if needed.
Maria Huckvale
Maria Huckvale
October 9, 2022
Though it was just a dining room light replacement they came quickly and were professional and efficient. Came on a long weekend and done in less than 30 min.
brandi tom
brandi tom
October 4, 2022
Called Sitetech to diagnose an electrical outlet issue, he walked me through some resolution steps over the phone first, which resolved the problem quickly! He was very patient and took his time with me explaining everything. Professional and friendly!
Valerie C
Valerie C
September 23, 2022
the team has been very professional and helpful! there was a partial power outage at my house and the team was able to identify and resolve the issue quick. Will definitely recommend them to anyone that needs electrical services

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover solutions to some of the most frequently asked questions about electrical services below:

How Does Hiring a Licensed Electrician Protect Me?

Our team is staffed with licensed electricians so that your project is insured for your protection. If you have an unlicensed electrician who gets hurt on the job, you will be responsible. Or, if you try to make an insurance claim on the work of an unlicensed electrician, the claim will be denied.

Why Can't I Do My Own Electrical Repair Work?

Most homeowners are not familiar with the requirements of home electrical work and therefore, should not be completing this job. This includes knowing how to follow the Ontario Electrical Safety Code or knowing how to compute the load calculation of a home’s electrical usage.

In order to meet current codes and pass inspections, hire SiteTech Electrical.

Will My Home Be Without Power During an Electrical Service?

Disconnecting the power will depend on the reason for the call. In order to be best prepared, plan for having the power turned off while a licensed electrician is fixing an element in your home.

How Come Some Lights and Outlets Work Intermittently in a Room?

In some cases, lights and outlets work off of separate circuits which can cause one to work but not the other. In other cases, an outlet or light may just be faulty and need replacement. To resolve this, first check for tripped breakers on the electrical panel and if this does not help, call us at: (647) 939-3239

Electrical Panels - What Should I Know?

An electrical panel is essentially the main switchboard for all the electricity that runs through your home. It receives incoming power from your utility company and then it distributes it to circuits throughout your home. This gives power to appliances, lights, outlets, etc.